For both Host and back-up helpers:

-Signing up: If you have not yet done so, visit the online conference website ( and sign up for a new account.

-Activate your account: Follow the link in the email message you receive after signing up to activate your account. You can also visit your profile and click the “Activate this account” button and an email message will be sent to you with an activation link.

-Each of you will be assigned as the host/ back-up of the workshop and conference sessions throughout 7-10 June. At 15 minutes before the commencement of your session, start the Zoom meeting room if it is not yet started. As a host, please set the session chair and back-up as a co-host.

-When in the Zoom room, please enter your name as “Your Name (Helper)”, so that you are easily recognized and the meeting participants as well as session chairs know whom to contact for help. 

-Well ahead of time, download the videos for the session that you are assigned to. 

-Be prepared to receive messages from the Host, Session Chair and/or the Backup if they need your help. This might happen if they lose connection to the meeting and need to re-connect and be made a co-host/host again. 

For Host:

-Find the session chair and remind him/her that the presentation will automatically start after the 5-minute countdown. Remind him/her that if he/she wishes to make an introduction to the session and to himself, you can pause the video for him/her. 

-At 5 minutes before your session, start streaming the presentation video. Click “Share Screen”, then click “Advanced” on top, make sure that “Share sound” and “Optimize for video clip” are checked, and then click “Video”. Find where you have stored the presentation video and play it (with Zoom’s built-in video player). To maintain consistency over all sessions, during playback, please keep the volume at the default medium (unless you are instructed by the session chair to do otherwise). Please test this well beforehand. 

-During Q&A after each talk, pause the video if the session chair needs more time to finish Q&A beyond the 3-minute countdown. The session chair may ask you to skip a part of the 3-minute countdown. However, do not skip unless you are explicitly asked to do so.

For back-up:

-If the Host of your session didn’t join zoom at 5 minutes before the session, take over control as a host and start streaming the presentation video.

-Read all instructions for Host and understand what need to be done if you are called upon to replace the Host.

-Remain in the session until its end and be ready to jump in right away if the Host has network/playback problems.