-Signing up: If you have not yet done so, visit the online conference website (https://asiaccs.info) and sign up for a new account.

Do not leave registration ID blank. If you do not provide a Registration ID, you will not be able to access the slides, videos and zoom links. For workshop chairs and guests, your registration ID is the same as your email address.  For session chairs of the main conference, your registration ID is asiaccs-<session ID> (e.g., asiaccs-1A).



-Activate your account: Follow the link in the email message you receive after signing up to activate your account. You can also visit your profile and click the “Activate this account” button and an email message will be sent to you with an activation link.

-To enter the Zoom meeting for the session you will be chairing, go to the day and the session on the online conference website, and click the “Enter Zoom” button. Please try to enter the Zoom meeting around 10 minutes before the session is scheduled to begin, so that you have an opportunity to meet the student helpers assigned to your session, and discuss any concerns you may have.

-It is strongly recommended that you turn on your video in Zoom during the session. You can unmute your microphone and speak at any time during the session.

-The student volunteer assisting the Zoom meeting will be playing a pre-recorded video 5 minutes before the session starts. The video will show a count-down timer for 5 minutes. If you so prefer, at the end of the count-down, the student volunteer host can pause the video, providing you with an opportunity to introduce the session, yourself, and the first talk, just like an in-person conference session. Then, the student will continue playing the pre-recorded video of the first talk. Please make arrangements with the student volunteer before the session starts.

-You should remind the attendees that they can ask questions during each talk by typing into the chat window at any time, and these questions will be answered at the end of the talk.

-At the end of each talk, there will be a count-down timer for 3 minutes. Try to encourage attendees to ask questions by unmuting their microphone and speak directly. If questions appear in the chat window, try to read the question out loud for the speaker to answer. If there are more questions than the time allows for, the student host will pause the count-down timer to allow all the questions to be answered. Authors should be answering the questions over audio, rather than using the chat window.

-If there are no questions from the audience, you can ask a few questions yourself. Towards the end of the Q & A session, you can introduce the next talk, and signal the student volunteer to start playing the pre-recorded video of the next talk.